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Welcome to The Hippie’s Husband! I enjoy working with wood, primarily working with exotic woods, turning them into beautiful cutting boards and charcuterie boards.


When you place a custom order, it's more of a request for a quote. Fill out the form and let’s start a conversation about what would be a great fit. Not everyone knows the pros and cons of different types of wood. Once you let me know what your thoughts are, I will happily guide you through some choices.

Pricing of these products is based mainly on the type of wood and how much is used. Some of the cutting boards you see are very thick and extremely dense. The charcuterie and serving boards are not made for heavy cutting, so they are typically a much lighter weight.

Take a look at my in-stock items, and then consider if a custom order is best for you. If so, email or call me, I look forward to hearing from you.